How to rekindle the warrior spirit in modern world mediocracy

Seven ways to develop the warrior spirit within.

The modern-day world is dulling our senses.

You’re stuck in front of your computer for eight, nine, ten hours a day, five days a week, 47 weeks a year, for forty years.

This is not the natural human state. Our bodies and minds went through millions of years of evolution so we could run, jump, think, learn and explore.

We are not meant to sit idly for most of our life. If you live in the Western world this is the reality most of us are in.


We are encouraged to work harder, achieve more, earn more, get into debt and buy more things.

For what? So we can have a platinum deathbed?

Today we are more concerned about status signalling with material items than experiencing the vast human condition. They work all week to ‘live’ on the weekend, consuming too much alcohol and pointless drugs.

The ones that are into fitness are more concerned with the aesthetic look of their body than achieving long-term vitality.

Unless you’re working a job you love it should be a means to an end.

Even if you love going to work every day you should check into the other parts of life. If work is your priority focus then you will be neglecting other areas of life.

You have to develop a warrior spirt to fight back against this personal degeneracy.

Most of us have no great wars to fight. We live in the type of comfort a king from 100 years ago could only dream of. Our war is with our minds and in our culture.

It’s a war that most of us are losing.

You have to rekindle the warrior spirit that served our ancestors so well in the past. You have to fire the belly up once again.

It’s there still. In your DNA. Handed down from generations past. It has been suppressed and has to be rekindled.

You need a struggle in life to feel contentment.

A struggle, a purpose, a mission. Call it what you want but you need something that wakes you up early on a morning and fires you up.

Too often we get stuck in a routine of the mundane. We go through the motions without thinking or feeling. Before you know it ten years have passed.

You need a main focus in life. To right a wrong, change the zeitgeist, improve a situation. If ‘fine’ is the word to describe your current life then you’re in a rut.

Fulfilment doesn’t come from comfort. It comes from having a purpose.

Spend time by yourself to foster the warrior spirit.

A man who can’t spend considerable time by himself is not fully developed. As Bukowski once said, those who seek constant crowds are nothing alone.

To develop the warrior spirit you have to spend time by yourself. Thinking, reflecting and planning. Your solitude should be a place where you grow.

You need to know that if you ever find yourself alone, not only will you be OK but you will thrive.

Remove any form of victimhood mentality

I met this interesting guy in a hostel once. He told me he was 18 months in of travelling the world. He talked about all the countries he had visited and how he had trekked thousands of miles across the mountains and plains of many of them.

Bored with the mundane of his life and recently divorced, he sold his material items and started to travel. At 52 years of age.

We then got talking about when he did ayahuasca in Peru and how it pulled up all kinds of memories from his childhood. He had a victim mentality about how he was raised.

His parents didn’t abuse him or do anything bad to him. Instead he said they never allowed him to travel far as a kid. He felt he was held back as a child and because of this he was travelling at a later age.

In my mind he went from being a cool and interesting guy defying the odds in his 50s to one that is still dealing with a victimhood mindset from his childhood.

A warrior spirit mentality requires you to take responsibility for yourself. No blaming anyone, be it family, friends, acquaintances or enemies. Even if you have been wronged in the past.

You are not a victim in any way but privileged to be one of the lucky ones who get to experience life.

Be a man of action. Take action every single day.

Too many people theorise and don’t take action. They read books upon books, comment endlessly in social media and philosophise without having practical experience to back up what they’re saying.

To develop the warrior spirit requires taking action every day. You can develop it reading a book. Books are great but to develop deep knowledge and wisdom you have to go out into the world and experience life in full colour.

Taking action could mean hitting the gym every morning or going out of your comfort zone to travel to distant lands. It could mean starting a project or working on yourself to change your mindset and core fundamental beliefs about the world.

Taking action creates momentum. Momentum creates confidence. Confidence flames the warrior spirit within.

Develop a body capable enough to carry a warrior spirit.

The health of your body impacts the health of your mind. Both mind and body are the greatest assets you will ever own.

If you’re fat and out of shape then you’re suppressing your warrior spirit. Instead you need to house it in a refined piece of machinery capable enough to walk, run, jump, stretch, climb, lift, push, pull and all other kinds of physical exertions.

You should push your body in the gym, in the studio or out on the roads. Make it feel temporary pain for long term vigor. Nourish it with nutrient dense foods of vegetables, salads, fruit, good fats and proteins.

You have to develop it over the long term. No 12 week programs here. It’s about consistently adding stress to it then allowing it to rest, recover and come back stronger.

The warrior spirit requires a body that will take it up mountains, run for miles, hike plains and swim lakes. This will allow the spirit to move through the world and through life with purpose.

Learn the art of combat.

A man that learns how to defend himself is one that will be one that will seldom fight.

Learning boxing, muay thai, ju jitsu or any other kind of combat will give you more confidence if ever a fight is breaks out.

Learning combat or even how to throw a solid punch is not about training you to go out and fight. It’s about developing the warrior spirit so that if anything does happen you can take care of yourself. Or at least attempt to.

It will also instil a sense of discipline in you and increase your cardiovascular levels ten fold.

Sometimes in life we get beat up, metaphorically and physically. Give yourself an advantage if ever that time comes.

Develop the warrior spirit through the call to adventure.

Life is for exploring. Both the outer world and inner world. To grow the warrior spirt you should be looking for the call to adventure.

Travel to far away lands. Face some fears. Develop new skills. Do your first triathlon. Fuck it, quit your job, sell everything you own and go live with monks in a monastery if that’s your idea of an adventure.

Far too often our lives get stuck in a rut. Our only adventure is a day trip on the weekend. You need to constantly seek out that call to adventure. The bigger the adventure the greater the warrior spirit will grow.

The social constructs that we find ourselves can suppress us. It’s our responsibility to break out of these constructs to live a life with meaning and purpose.

Don’t be bound by dogma. Or be beat into submission by the mundane. Don’t be a slave to status and money.

You are lucky to be born in this era. It’s the greatest time to be alive. Be thankful and the best way to be thankful is to break out of the monotony.

Develop that warrior spirit, go forth with it and conquer your old self in the process.


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