Facebook Deep Dive

Everything you need to know to tackle the behemoth social network Facebook.

Instagram Deep Dive

How to be an Instagram narcissist. Just kidding.


How to get on the first page of Google for all your favourite keywords.

Snapchat Deep Dive

Snapchat may be dying but as long as it's alive this module stays.

Developing a strategy

How to put together a coherent strategy that meets all your touchpoints.

Content Marketing

Content comes in four mediums: Text, image, audio and video. The myriad of ways you can use this content though is the hard part.

Influencer Marketing

How to tap up influencers so they speak highly of you. It's harder than you think.

Twitter Deep Dive

They see me trolling. They hatin'. Twitter's not dead and in fact is one of the most powerful social networks if you know how to use it.

YouTube Deep Dive

Second largest search engine in the world and chances are you've never uploaded a video to it.

Pinterest Deep Dive

Pinterest isn't a social network. It's a commerce engine for people hungry to buy stuff.

WordPress Deep Dive

WordPress powers 25% of the total world wide web. It's a powerful platform no longer for just online diarists.

Social Data Analytics

How to collect and interpret social data to understand what it means. If it means anything.

Live Social

How to take advantage of live social