Web 3 and decentralized social media with Dan from 3Speak

“The internet is a little blip compared with what’s going to happen.”

dan 3speak

Dan is the co-founder of, a video platform providing a censor-free environment for content creators who have been de-platformed or demonetised by Silicon Valley. Dan is also an entrepreneur, investor and crypto enthusiast.

Show highlights

3:03 Dan introduces himself and how he got to where he is today.

5:40 Mainstream censorship and why Dan co-founded 3Speak.

13:22 Dan the formation of Hive and the Steem controversy.

19:48 The benefits of using Hive.

22:33 EOS and

24:51 Consensus and community. Moving from Web 2 to Web 3.

30:40 Bitcoin maximalism vs the tokenisation of everything.

32:40 Applying lessons from poker to investing.

34:40 Dan’s currently dancing in the markets.

37:00 The one book Dan recommends everyone should read.

Resources/people/articles mentioned in the podcast

Dan on 3Speak –

PeakD –

Steem to Freeze Another $5M in Tokens Associated With Hive Supporters –


Voice –

Brave browser –

Dan’s book recommendation – Mastery

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