These are the good old days

Right here, right now. These are the good old days.

Right here, right now. These are the good old days.

When I think back to ten years ago in 2007 I remember them as the good old days. I’d just moved to London and everything was new. I had the big city to explore.

When I think back further to 1997 I remember them as the good old days. I was young, dumb and clueless about the world. But I remember being confident and optimistic about about myself and my life.

Going back to 1987 and I remember them as the good old days. I was a child without a care in the world. My only worry was where my next packet of sweets were coming from.

Only looking back do we see things as the good old days.

Partly because we tend to remember things wearing rose tinted spectacles.

The human brain is clever and remembers the good things more vividly than the bad. Scientists believe it’s a evolutionary survival mechanism that helps us stay more resilient.

The psychological term for it is called rosy retrospection.

No doubt I faced challenges and confidence issues during those times but I remember it all positively with nostalgia.

At the time however, we just live our lives. We don’t stop to think if we’re living through good old days. Only in hindsight do we realise how good they were.

Look at a picture of yourself from ten years ago. At the time you probably didn’t like how you looked. Now, ten years later, you’ve likely realised how handsome or pretty you were.

You probably see your ten year younger self differently now compared to back then. You were more critical of your looks

The same applies today. Appreciate today as one ‘good old’ day. Take a selfie and ponder how handsome or pretty your future self will think you are.

Consider how much potential you have ahead of you. Think about how much the world has changed in the last ten years. How much access to information you have and how easily you can travel the world.

We live in unprecedented times but there’s never been a better time to be alive.

Some (most) people don’t see it that way. Especially when they get to a particular age.

They’re pessimistic about the future and long for days gone by. Their heads are full of rosy retrospection and a dim view of what’s to come.

They’re wrong. Today, right here, right now. These are the good old days.


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