Influencer Relations vs Influencer Marketing With Tami Nealy

“There’s a natural evolution from media relations to influencer relations.”

tami nealy

Tami Nealy is the VP of Communications at influencer marketing platform, Find Your Influence. Tami began her career working in professional sports before transitioning to the corporate world. During her seven years leading the corporate communications team at LifeLock, she executed hundreds of interviews as a corporate spokesperson, launched a partnership with the FBI’s Law Enforcement Education Development Association and helped lead the company to IPO.

Following this, she pivoted to supporting education technology organizations before joining Find Your Influence in August 2018. At Find Your Influence she is responsible for the development and execution of all internal and external communication strategies and corporate messaging.

Show highlights

1:52 Tami introduces herself, her background and her role at Find Your Influence.

5:13 What influencer relations is and how it differs from influencer marketing.

9:12 Isn’t influencer relations an evolution of media relations?

10:35 Influencer relations vs influencer marketing. Which has the greater demand?

15:05 How the PR industry is adapting to working with social media influencers.

18:53 Is influencer relations more for B2B influencers who don’t monetize their platforms with sponsored content?

20:27 Where Tami sees the influencer industry heading in the next twelve months and next five years.

23:30 The one book that Tami recommends everyone should read.

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Written by Ste Davies

Ste is an experienced strategist who has been working in social, digital and PR for the last fourteen years. During this time he has devised and implemented social and digital strategies for some of the world’s largest brands. You can work with Ste here.