How to stop Facebook Inc tracking your every move and using your data to manipulate you

Reclaiming your data in the age of surveillance capitalism.

There are two companies in the world that know more about you than perhaps you know about yourself. Both of which are, of course, Facebook and Google/Alphabet.

In this podcast we focus specifically on Facebook Inc and how to stop its list of services (namely Facebook, Instagram and Messenger) from harvesting your public and private data and behaviours and selling it on to advertisers.

Data collected from what we do online is used against us. There are no benefits to us, the Facebook Inc user, in the surveillance and data harvesting exchange.

The phrase, ‘If the service is free, then you are the product’ is often used to explain why Facebook’s services don’t come with a financial cost but author Shoshana Zuboff explains in her book, Surveillance Capitalism, ‘You are not the product; you are the abandoned carcass.’

In this podcast you’ll learn how to stop Facebook Inc from tracking your every move both on its own platforms and across the web. You’ll learn how to turn off advertising tracking, location tracking, face recognition and more.

Show highlights

2:14 Timeline of Facebook’s data breaching events

5:33 Everything Facebook knows about you

9:46 Why care about your privacy and what Facebook knows about you

12:00 How to stop Facebook tracking you in your ad preference settings

18:20 How to turn off your location so Facebook can’t track where you go

19:19 How to turn off Facebook’s facial recognition

20:17 Turn off the ‘Off-Facebook’ activity

21:15 Unlike Facebook pages

22:15 Using a privacy browser so Facebook can’t track you around the web

24:19 Using a smartphone firewall to stop non-Facebook apps from sending data to Facebook about you

Resources/people/articles mentioned in the podcast

Turn off Facebook ad preferences –

Turn off Facebook location settings –

Turn off face recognition –

Turn off ‘off-Facebook’ activity –

Unlike Facebook pages –

Why you need to ditch Google Chrome and use the Brave browser –

Brave browser –

Tag Explorer –

Lockdown iOS –

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Written by Stephen Davies

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