The spiritual experience of a sunset

An experience of beauty, time and existence

Nature creates beauty in many different ways. None of which are more beautiful than a sunset on a clear day.

I write this article from Koh Lanta, Thailand, which has the best sunset I’ve ever seen in my life. If you’re a fan of beautiful sunsets and chilled vibes Koh Lanta is for you.

Some claim it is the best place in the world to watch a sunset. I don’t doubt that.

It’s a spiritual experience as the bright orange sun begins to drop beyond the Andaman sea level.

How can one describe a sunset?

Colours begin to change. The sea turns metallic blue. Golden orange tints across the skyline.

Shadows on clouds are emphasised. Photographers call this time of day the ‘golden hour’ because the lighting is perfect to take pictures.

The atmosphere changes. You can sense it in the air. A calming feeling comes over you. There’s a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Crickets make themselves known.

You begin to wonder. How can something this beautiful not have had a maker’s hand on it? A diehard atheist should doubt himself.

A sunset signifies time. It tells us that the days is almost over. One more day in our timeline of existence.

In our youth we tend to take the beauty of nature for granted. We’re too preoccupied in our man-made worlds.

The younger version of myself always took sunsets (and sunrises for that matter) for granted. They mean so much more to me now.

It’s an age thing. Society even uses the term ‘sunset of life’ to describe someone in their later years.

The downing of the sun is a reminder that the day is almost over.

It’s a reminder of how important time is in our life and how we should not take it for granted.

It’s a time for reflection. As the day closes you ask yourself if you’ve done everything you want to do or been the person you want to be.

I take every opportunity to watch a sunset. It’s a spiritual experience of beauty, time and existence, and a reminder that it’s one more day over in the finite number we all have.

Written by Ste Davies

Ste ‘Stephen’ Davies is a freelance digital consultant, traveller, writer, podcaster and speaker based in London, UK. You can reach him here or follow him on Twitter below.

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