10 social media podcasts worth listening to

Get knowledgeable while on the move.

Podcasts are an ideal way to consume news, information and entertainment.

They’re an on-demand medium which you can listen to when you’re on the go whether you’re at the gym, driving or out for a walk.

It’s probably why the podcasting genre is booming and the statistics prove it.

According to some reports, there are 500,000 active podcasts in the iTunes library.

That’s a lot of listening time.

While there aren’t that many social media related podcasts, the ones that are available come in useful to stay on top of an industry that is forever in a state of flux.

Here are 10 social media podcasts worth subscribing and listening to.

1. The Social Media Marketing Podcast

The social media marketing podcast

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The Social Media Marketing podcast by Social Media Examiner was one of the earliest social media podcast to launch.

The six-year running weekly podcast is set in an interview format where host Michael Stelzner talks to experts in social media each week around a specific topic.

Whether it’s understanding Facebook Analytics, how to create a Messenger bot strategy working with the social media algorithms, the Social Media Marketing podcast is a treasure trove of useful and actionable information.

2. Ace the Gram

ace the gram podcast

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Instagram is currently the hottest social network around and continues to go from strength to strength as more brands, celebrities, influencers and regular people invest more time and energy into the platform.

Instagram influencer marketing is one of the hottest forms of marketing because of the popularity of platform.

Despite this, there aren’t many podcasts dedicated to helping you improve your Instagram game. A lot of podcasts cover Instagram but none are dedicated to it like Ace the Gram is.

Ace the Gram is a podcast specifically about Instagram by two Kiwis, Viv and Tash, where they provide tips and strategies to improve your Insta game, from interviewing influencers to find out they built their Instagram accounts to profiling third-party Instagram apps that make your Instagram feed pop.

3. The Garyvee Audio Experience

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Gary Vaynerchuk was both an early adopter of social media and an early investor in Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Uber.

On top of his investments, he’s also built a globally-expanding creative agency empire and earns seven figures keynote speaking at events around the world.

The Garyvee Audio Experience is a collection of his speaking gigs, his YouTube channel, interviews and anything else where he’s asked about entrepreneurship and social media.

It’s a great podcast to understand social media in the past, present and future from a man who has seventeen dedicated staff working on his personal social media alone.

4. The Influencer Podcast

The influencer podcast

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The Influencer Podcast by publicist, Julie Solomon aims to help anyone looking to use social media to grow their influence.

The format of the Influencer Podcast usually involves publicist, Solomon interviewing a social media influencer or an exec from the influencer marketing industry.

The podcast interviewees are usually from a female perspective but the useful insights and information provided are applicable to anyone.

5. Marketing School

marketing school podcast

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Marketing School by well-known internet marketing experts, Neil Patel and Eric Siu is a daily podcast that covers everything to do with internet marketing, social media, SEO, branding and more.

The podcast covers an array of topics and each episode is only around five or six minutes long allowing you to get a daily dose of tips, tricks and tactics in a short time.

I listen to this podcast daily purely because it doesn’t require a long listen time and there’s always useful practical content you can apply straight away.

6. The Art of Paid Traffic

the art of paid traffic

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The Art of Paid Traffic by Rick Mulready is a podcast about, yes, paid traffic.

In particular, the podcast focusses predominantly on Facebook paid advertising where Mulready discusses strategies to improve your paid social activities.

Included in the podcast are interviews with marketers and entrepreneurs who have succeeded in making paid traffic work for them.

If you’re interested in paid social particularly when it comes to Facebook, there is no better social media podcast.

7. The ProBlogger Podcast

problogger podcast

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The ProBlogger blog has been going for years and is the defacto expert when it comes to creating, building, growing and monetising a blog.

The ProBlogger podcast is as equally useful where host Darren Rouse covers numerous topics related to blogging.

Blogging is still a powerful tool to raise your profile and make money online and comes a degree of technical difficulty you likely don’t have with other social platforms.

The Pro Blogger podcast is one of the best resources out there to create and grow an influential blog.

8. The Science of Social Media

the science of social media podcast

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The Science of Social Media is a podcast by social media management platform, Buffer which covers all things related to social media marketing.

Topics of the podcast usually are aimed at social media marketers (Buffer’s customers) and cover everything from working with the Instagram algorithm to storytelling in social media.

The show’s length varies but each one is around 30 to 40 minutes long. Enough to consume during a commute.

9. Authority Hacker

authority hacker podcast

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The Authority Hacker podcast is focussed on helping you build, what they call, an “authority site.”

An authority site is a blog (built on WordPress usually) which is influential in a niche subject.

The podcast covers everything from link building to using Pinterest to drive traffic back to your site.

It’s usually hosted by the Authority Hacker founders, Gael and Mark, and often includes guests from the world of social media, SEO and more.

10. Social Media Lab

social media lab podcast

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Social Media Lab is a podcast by social media management tool, Agorapulse.

The Social Media Lab podcast takes a different approach to similar podcasts by covering specific tactical topics catered to social media managers.

Recent podcasts include, Should Instagram hashtags be used in the posts or comments? Do Facebook video ads perform better than YouTube ads? And so on.

Know of any more? Let me know.

Written by Ste Davies

Ste ‘Stephen’ Davies is a freelance digital consultant, traveller, writer, podcaster and speaker based in London, UK. You can reach him here or follow him on Twitter below.

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