Review of Medichecks Vitamin D test

The Medichecks Vitamin D test allows you to see how much of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ you have.

Medichecks Vitamin D

Vitamin D, the ‘sunshine vitamin’ according to some, is a small but important variant of good health. A lack of it in the body can cause bone deficiencies, certain forms of cancer, heart disease and depression.

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin but a hormone made mostly by the skin with around ten percent of it coming from the food we eat.

Our body creates Vitamin D through sun exposure. If you live in a country with adequate amounts of sunshine it’s likely that your levels are fine. If you live in Northern Europe, as I do, then you may be Vitamin D deficient during the cold and dark months. Even the UK government provide advice and guidance on it.

Having your Vitamin D levels tested is not difficult and all that’s required is a simple blood test.

If you’re showing any symptoms then you may get tested by your healthcare provider. If not you can use a third-party service such as Medichecks where you can either use their at-home finger prick test or visit one of their partner labs.

Previous tests showed I’m susceptible to Vitamin D deficiency

I later found, through analysis of my genetics, that I have a specific gene associated with low absorption of Vitamin D. Making it all the more important that I get enough sunshine and/or supplement with Vitamin D tablets.

I spoke with Medichecks after they saw the review I wrote on their TRT Check Plus blood test and they agreed to provide me with their Vitamin D test for review on the blog.

I received the kit a couple of days after I returned from Ibiza. The weather was perfect with sunshine every day and an average daytime temperature of 26 degrees. I’ve been supplementing with high strength Vitamin D tablets for years and had taken a 10,000iu capsule the day before.

If ever there was a time that I would have adequate levels of Vitamin D then this would be it.

Doing the Medichecks Vitamin D test at home.

Medichecks post the Vitamin D testing kit to your home where you’ll receive instructions, finger pricks, a collection vial, hygienic swabs and a pre-paid envelope which you use to send your blood sample back to their laboratory.

It’s a simple case of pricking your finger to allow the blood to fill into the vial provided. Once you’ve collected enough blood, secure it with the lid and wrap around the label with your details written on it. Then put it in the pre-paid envelope along with the lab request form and post it like you would a letter.

Receiving the results

With Medichecks there is little waiting around for your results. In my experience, you only wait a few working days between posting your blood sample off and receiving the results. This fast turn-around is helpful for anyone waiting for more serious test results.

Once your results have been analysed Medichecks emails you to tell you they are ready in your account. Simply log in with your details to view them.

Am I Vitamin D deficient?

After nine days in the sun and supplementing with a strong Vitamin D tablet you’d assume I’d be at the top end of the scale. Not quite.

Medichecks Vitamin D test

Medichecks recommends an optimum Vitamin D range of 50 nmol/L to 200 nmol/L. My results show I’m at 154 nmol/L which is above average and well within range. Given my recent Vitamin D optimised lifestyle of sun and supplementation you might assume my level would be higher.

Given my recent Vitamin D optimised lifestyle of sun and supplementation you might assume my level would be higher. Not so and which may be due to my genetic flaw.

Not so and which may be due to my genetic flaw. This, of course, is a valid scientific reason to have more holidays to sunny destinations during the winter. Speaking of which, I intend on getting tested again during the winter months as my levels will drop substantially by then.

The good thing about using Medichecks is all your results, both past and current, go into your own data dashboard. The results from the Vitamin D now sit with the all the other results I received through doing the TRT Check Plus test. Useful to see them all in one place and to be able to track any changes over time.

You can get the Medichecks Vitamin D test by clicking this link.


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