How to remain resilient and head strong in today’s victimhood culture

I recently reactivated my Facebook account after six months of deactivation.

I’ve reactivated it not because I felt I was missing out on what my friends are doing. Instead moving forward I intend to use it more as a business tool as Facebook has massive reach.

I’ve written before about why you should cure your social media addiction. It should be a means to progress your life and work but not as a way to seek third-party validation.

Among regular people Facebook dependency is real. While it might not have the same negative health effects as a drug like heroine the addiction is as strong.

I noticed the same patterns as I logged back in and read the news feed.

Cries for help, people sharing ‘news’ from suspect looking websites, clickbait, outrage and so on.

Twitter is the same. People like to share news that they know will get a reaction from their followers. Often the most reactive type of content is negative.

Before the internet if a car bomb killed a lot of people in somewhere like Turkey we may have never heard about it. In today’s environment we hear about it within minutes.

It isn’t all bad and there’s informative, educational and funny stuff on social media too. This often gets lost among the negative.

When people feel like victims or they have outrage about something in the news they are more likely to post online.

They want people to relate to and sympathize with their plight. Research has shown people are more likely to share negative news.

Couple this with all the fake news that is being shared lately it’s recipe for a depressed society.

In my reality there’s never been a better time to be alive. In my reality my world is becoming more abundant.

Look at how previous generations lived. Imagine being in the Battle of the Somme, living through the Great Depression or being jewish in nazi Germany.

remain strong

In today’s Western world we live a life of luxury and hedonism compared to previous generations yet people believe they’re oppressed. In reality they’ve never had it so good.

Some believe the world is controlled by a trillionaire family. Even if that is the case what can you do about it?

These feelings of oppression, fake news, negative news and conspiracy theories are being shared through social media. Partly because people don’t know any better and partly because people enjoy drama.

It’s not that the world is getting worse it’s that our access to information is getting better.

Look at the data you’ll see we’re living longer, we’re wealthier, there are less wars, child mortality rates are decreasing and so on.

I’ll say it again, there’s never been a better time to be alive.

Even with this knowledge and understanding you still have to guard your mind from the memes. Or developing ‘memeunity‘ as this blog calls it.

Once a meme takes hold it spreads like a virus infecting people’s minds. Memes spread via social media and passed on from person to person.

Memes are usually false and designed to make people afraid, paranoid and suspicious. Their purpose is to divide, fuel hate and make people feel like victims.

How do you stay resilient and head strong in today’s victimhood culture?

It all starts with you.

Whenever someone tries to recruit you as a fellow victim ignore those fools.

Whenever someone shares a fake news article laugh at them for being so dumb.

It doesn’t matter if the article is accurate. Doesn’t matter if the content alludes to you discriminated against in some way. There’ll be a hundred other facts why you’re at an advantage over others.

When the UK voted to leave the EU people in the remain camp were crushed. Their world shattered. They were victims. They still are. It still triggers them to this day.

If you let an external event like Brexit get to you so much it controls your emotions long after then you’re weak. You have a victim mindset.

Why do people get so emotional at Trump? Do you think he cares about what they think? These people allow someone they don’t know and who doesn’t know them to make them feel sad and upset.

When you allow things like this to alter your emotional state you’ve lost control.

Same goes for anything else out of your control. Focus on what you do have control over and that’s you.

Take this approach in today’s victimhood culture and there are opportunities to be had.


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