How to remove toxicity from your life

Toxins in all forms are around you.

The world is full of toxicity.

Toxins can poison us. They make the body produce antibodies that help flush them out. This causes further damage to the body. It ages us and takes away our vitality.

Toxins are also a part of life. Not all are bad and, depending on the dose, some can even have a positive effect on the body.

Small toxic doses put a mild stress on the body which cause it to grow stronger. This is hormesis and I covered it in a post on how to stress yourself to test yourself.

You can’t eradicate all toxins in life but you can minimalise your interactions with them. The dose makes the poison after all.

Toxins are in the air we breath, food we eat, water we drink and inside our body.

We also have toxins of a different kind. Toxic people, jobs, habits and mindset. All which can rid us of our life force.

To remove toxicity takes a concerted effort. You have to be smart about what you put in and on your body, how you think, the people you interact with and your general lifestyle.

Get rid of toxic people

No matter who they are. Friends, family, acquaintances or whatever, get rid of them.

If they don’t want help or are beyond it, get rid. If they’re negative in their attitude to life, get rid. If they are critical of you or like to bring you down, get rid.

Life is too short to be dealing with those types of people regardless of who they are. Toxicity breeds toxicity and it will impact you too.

This goes for online too. If you follow and are friends with toxic people in social media they too can have just as much impact (maybe more) as someone in real life.

Don’t allow toxic people to poison your life. Filter them out. It will be worth it.

Fix a toxic mindset

If you live with shame, guilt, jealousy or anger, you have a toxic mindset. If you live in a world of scarcity where everyone’s out to get you, you have a toxic mindset. If your initial reaction is to think the worst to a situation, you have a toxic mindset. If you live a life of victimhood, you have a toxic mindset.

Fix it.

Work to improve it. Catch yourself when negative thoughts appear and reframe the situation. Practice gratitude. Decondition yourself. Embrace old age. Know that life can be hard sometimes. Remember that you’re going to die. Start changing your mindset from one of toxicity to one of abundance.

Stop toxins going into the body

Some people would tell you to eat nothing but organic foods to ensure your gut stays as free from toxins as possible. If you can afford to do this then do it but I have no problem eating non-organic fruit and vegetables.

For me it’s about removing toxic foods in the form of the deep fried, trans fats and sugary kind.

It’s currently January as I write this. The weather is cold and because of this my body craves food of this variety.

I don’t know why but in the summer I can slam healthy salads and fruit down me all day. In the winter it’s a different story. I’m trying to eat as least toxic food as possible but my nutrition is not on point at the moment. My diet has toxicity in it.

Remove toxins from the body

Over the years I’ve used a dry skin brush to help remove the dead skin off my body. Dry skin brushing has other benefits too including improving circulation and unblocking pores.

A good brush also encourages the body to release toxins among the metabolic waste in the lymphatic system.

toxicity from skin
The type of skin brush I use. Buy it here.

Get clean fresh air

I’ve recently found out I live near Europe’s most polluted road.

Each day hundreds of cars and buses pass through it, often stopping at traffic lights and, in the case of the busses, to pick up and drop off passengers.

It’s one of the busiest roads too. No wonder there is so much pollution.

This will be wreaking havoc on my lungs and those of everyone who lives in the area. Our lungs are being poisoned by the toxins in the carbon emissions produced from the vehicles.

I haven’t lived here that long nor do I intend to stay here long either. This is part of living in a large bustling city like London.

If you’re the same you should start thinking about the long term effects and how you can mitigate them.

For me I like to go in to nature as much as possible. If I can get out of the city I will but if not London has lots of great parks thanks to those ingenious Victorians.

Longer term I’ll leave city life and move to the countryside. Long term lung toxicity will knock years from your life.

Toxicity is a part of life but you can mitigate its effects if you’re smart about how you live your life.




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