Employee advocacy with Rachel Miller of All Things IC

racheal miller

Rachel Miller is the Director of All Things IC and advises Internal Communicators via training, consultancy and her popular blog. Her clients include ARM, BBC, LEGO, NHS, Transport for London and British Red Cross. She’s a highly experienced and multiple award-winning practitioner who has trained hundreds of Comms pros via her monthly and bespoke Masterclasses. Communicators say working with her increases their skills and boosts their knowledge and confidence.

Rachel is a Chartered PR professional and Fellow of both the Institute of Internal Communication and Chartered Institute of Public Relations. You can find her online via her website www.allthingsic.com, @AllthingsIC on Twitter and @rachelallthingsic on Instagram.

Show highlights

1:21 Rachel introduces herself and her background.

3:27 The current state of employee advocacy.

6:29 Glassdoor and internal communications.

9:41 The original promise of employees being the voice of a brand didn’t materialise.

13:37 Are brands concerned about advocates using social media in the current climate of toxicity?

15:02 The benefits of employee advocacy and what should a brand consider when embarking on an EA program?

20:20 What makes a good employee advocate?

23:38 Where Rachel sees the future of employee advocacy in the next 12 months and the next five years.

25:46 Quick fire three: Rachel’s favourite city, meal and quote.

27:07 The one book Rachel recommends everyone should read?

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