How to protect your online privacy and security in a surveillance capital world

As your data becomes more valuable here’s how to take ownership of it to become digitally sovereign.

Over the last few years we’ve come to realise how much of our online activity and data is being tracked by governments and the big tech companies. This wasn’t the original intention for the open web. Far from it in fact but in a world of data harvesting, data selling and data leaks, people are now finally waking up to what their data is worth.

In this podcast we cover the steps you can take to protect your online privacy and security in a surveillance capital world. Included is the best hardware to use, how to stop the big ad networks from tracking your every move online, the best privacy and security software to use and more.

Show highlights

0:50 The difference between online security and privacy.

1:52 We live in an increasingly surveilled world.

5:35 What Facebook and Google know about you.

7:35 Figuring out your own threat model.

10:16 The best hardware to use for most people.

11:48 How to browse the web privately and safely.

17:40 Password managers and two-factor authentication.

20:06 Leaving Gmail for encrypted ProtonMail.

22:42 How to lock down your data-leading smartphone.

27:22 Reducing social media and Google data capture.

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