Why you need a podcast to build a long term online brand

The power of podcasting.

Podcasting has been around for a while but is finally coming into its own. This second era of the genre is becoming more professional and, with advertising revenue pouring in, more lucrative too.

For a long time, podcasting remained on the sidelines where other mediums like video began to flourish. “Why would anyone prefer to listen when they can watch?” people said. When in actual fact, there are many reasons why you’d pick a podcast over video and the data proves it.

Like building a brand with a blog, podcasting is a long-term play and requires a ‘marathon, not a sprint’ approach. In this podcast, I outline why you need a podcast to build a long-term online brand and the benefits of having one. Very meta.

Show highlights

1:54 The ease of use of launching a podcast today.

4:30 Like blogging, you have to take a long-term approach with podcasting

5:00 Podcasting is the only truly mobile medium.

5:51 Podcast listening is a highly personal experience.

7:20 Podcast engagement is rates are through the roof.

9:58 Podcasts are long-form content.

11:47 Podcasts come in a variety of different formats.

13:13 Podcasts help you become a better communicator.

Resources/people/articles mentioned in the podcast

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