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The Use Of #Ad On Instagram Grew By 48% In 2018 
Some new research from influencer marketing platform, Buzzoole, found that the number of posts created that had #ad (the hashtag used to show a post is sponsored) included grew by 48% in 2018 compared to 2019. 

18 Instagram Influencer Marketing Stats You Need To Know 
This is an ongoing list of influencer marketing stats I’ve been collecting and updating as I go. Some key stats include:

  • There are over half a million active influencers on Instagram 
  • Four in five Instagram influencers are female 
  • Instagram was part of 93% of all influencer marketing campaigns last year

Influence, Not Influencers 
This is a great presentation by Rand Fishkin of SparkToro on the current state of influencer marketing and where it’s heading. Today, most people consider influencer marketing to be Instagram or YouTube but in the long-term, it will be (and should be) looking at it from a more holistic view of how people are influenced. 

Instagram Gets Official About Branded Content
In less than a decade, Instagram has amassed more than 1 billion global users, 68 per cent of whom, it says, use the app to interact with social influencers. Now the tech giant is clarifying its role in the $1.7 billion influencer economy.

Cosmetics Retailer Lush Ditches Social Media Amid Switch To Influencer Marketing 
Lush UK says it’s closing down its corporate social media accounts as it is, “tired of fighting of algorithms and does not want to pay in your [their followers’] newsfeed.” The decision also marks Lush’s renewed focus on influencer marketing as a means of promoting its brand online. “You’ll start to see the rise of Lush personalities online,” a Lush spokesperson said. “This isn’t a replacement for the brand channels but an opportunity for our customers to connect one-on-one with people within Lush based on the various categories.”


From Blogging For Fun To Full-Time Content Creator 
Last week I interviewed Matthew Spade who is a UK based content creator who started his now full-time career in 2008 blogging for fun. Since then, Mat has gone on to become a full-time content creator working with brands in the UK and further afield. Here I chat with Mat about his journey, how he works with brands and where he sees the future of influencers and influencer marketing heading. 

Making The Case For Owning Your Own Online Platform 
Here’s a podcast with influencer marketing expert, Scott Guthrie, and me discussing why individuals, organisations and anyone looking to build a brand online should be owning (as opposed to renting) as much of their online platforms as possible. Rented channels are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Owned channels are blogs, podcasts, email lists etc. 

Instagram Influencer Marketing With Adam Williams, CEO Of Takumi 
A podcast chat with Adam who spent seven years at Spotify, half of which he was the managing director of UK, Ireland and Benelux. Takumi is an influencer marketing platform specific to Instagram and in the podcast we discuss the influencer marketing landscape as it relates to Instagram. Adam also announces his promotion to CEO on the podcast too. 

The woman behind Instagram influencer penthouse wants to turn influencers into creative directors
Vickie Segar, who created the $15,000 a month Manhattan penthouse so Instagram influencers could use as a studio, believes in the future brands will directly work with influencers for creative direction, bypassing the creative/content agency. 


NoxInfluencer is a free YouTube influencer tool which comes with a range of features. It helps you calculate the financial value of a channel, compare two YouTubers in five different ways, provides video analytics, YouTube SEO recommendations and more. 

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