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It’ll be mostly focussed on influencer marketing because this is where I think the future lies.


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1. Influencer marketing is all about people and we’ve only really begun to touch the surface of where it is heading. While the term ‘influencer’ will become old fashioned, people will not. 

2. In today’s world there really aren’t any individual disciplines like marketing, PR, social and SEO but rather it is all ‘influence’.

The newsletter will largely focus on four things: news, views, people and tools from either myself or from around the web.

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Instagram Rolls Out In-App Shopping Feature
For years, social commerce (buying directly from social media) was predicted to be the next big thing but it never quite came to fruition. Now, in 2019, it finally seems to be coming true. Particularly in light of recent news where Instagram has announced that it’s rolling out in-app shopping where users can buy products directly from the Instagram platform. 

Bloggers Are Abandoning Their Blogs In Droves For Instagram
PR software company, Vuellio, has released its annual report on the UK blogging market finding that fashion bloggers have abandoned their blogs for Instagram. While there’s no denying the opportunities Instagram provides to influencers, we’ve seen in the past that Facebook (owner of Instagram) will cut off organic traffic whenever it needs to. Instagram is rented whereas a blog is owned. 

Instagram Takes The Lead As Top Platform For Influencer Content
Instagram is now the leading platform to view influencer content according to a survey by Rakuten. The company surveyed over 700 marketers and 3,500 globally and found Instagram is the most commonly used platform to view influencer content with 65 per cent of respondents naming it as their preferred social destination. That said, it only beat out YouTube by 3 per cent. It also highlighted that video is the preferred content format, with 64 per cent of respondents marking it as a preferred media. Images came in at 61 per cent and the written word at 38 per cent.


Betting Big On Influencer Marketing 
A podcast I did with Kamiu Lee, the CEO of influencer marketing platform ACTIVATE. We discuss their recent research among marketers about their views and experiences on influencer marketing. Lots of insights in this one about where influencer marketing is heading 

Influencer Relations vs Influencer Marketing 
A podcast interview I did with Tami Nealy who is VP of Comms at influencer marketing platform, Find Your Influence. Here we discuss the differences between influencer marketing and influencer relations. Tami is a communications professional who works at an influencer marketing company so she has a 360 view on this topic. 

Influencer Marketing: Stories, Fraud and Micro-influencers 
A short but good podcast by eMarketer looking at some of the data behind global influencer marketing and the recent report eMarketer has published regarding it. Well worth a listen. 

Influencers & Billionaires With Aron Levin of Relatable 
This is an interesting podcast interview with the ex Spotify exec and co-founder of influencer marketing platform, Relatable, Aron Levin on why he got into the influencer space. 


Vegan Influencer Makes $00,000s From Veganism And Gets Caught Eating Fish
Authenticity is key in influencer marketing and any influencer who thinks they can get away with being inauthentic is likely to get caught. Influencer Rawvana (real name Yovana Mendoza Ayres) promotes a vegan lifestyle but was caught on camera eating fish. A reputation tarnished when you do the opposite to the thing you promote and make a living from. 


InfluencerDB is an influencer discovery tool that helps you find influencers based on a chose keyword. It provides an analysis of their profile: follower count dynamics for the last month, what locations they tag, what hashtags and brands they talk about, who they mention and who mentions them, etc. You can even compare their profile with the profile of another Instagram influencer and see who performs better.  

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