From blogging for fun to full-time content creator with Matthew Spade

“It’s led me to a very unusual career that people now aspire to work in.”

mat spade

Matthew Spade is a 33-year-old full-time freelance within the lifestyle and travel industry, with 10 years of experience with various job roles in the fashion industry. He live in Lancashire, UK with his wife, who also works in the creative industry.

Mat says as a content creator, from blogging and styling to interior design and travel photography, no week is the same. “I like to think I have built up a strong reputation within my industry of being consistent, down to earth and enthusiastic about what I do — from this I have crafted a set of skills which brands really seem to like as well as my easy-going approach to sharing my life.”

Show highlights

1:56 Mat introduces himself and how he got started as a content creator.

8:35 Transitioning from blogging to micro-blogging on Instagram.

10:43 From packaging design to fashion. The types of topics Mat covers in his content.

13:19 The types of brand collaborations Mat does (and doesn’t do).

18:30 Where brand collaborations come from. Influencer marketing platforms, Instagram the ‘shop window’ and building a network.

22:30 Will platforms like Instagram begin to throttle organic reach and should content creators be building their brands elsewhere?

26:30 The advice Mat would give to someone who wants to become a full-time content creator.

29:10 Where influencer marketing is headed in the future.

31:01 The one book that Mat recommends everyone should read.

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