Making the case for owning your online platform with Scott Guthrie

“Smartphones have made us all Creative Directors all in charge of our own media empire.”

Scott Guthrie

Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of examples of where building a brand online (whether you’re an individual or a company) in the long term requires owning (as opposed to renting) as much of your own online real estate as possible.

Whether that’s the recent Instagram outage, bloggers neglecting their blogs for Instagram, Amazon slashing royalties or YouTube demonetizing creators, the best long-term approach is to use social media platforms but don’t be totally dependent on them

In this podcast I chat with Scott Guthrie on what influencers, organizations and anyone else looking to build a brand online should do for the long-term.

Show highlights

0:32 Ste introduces Scott and topic of podcast.

4:04 “What’s the shelf life of an influencer?” Why content creators should be thinking about the long-term.

9:00 Influencers should think of themselves as brands and become platform agnostic.

13:34 Starting with an owned base using WordPress.

17:45 Why it’s better to sell on your own site than on social media.

19:38 Brands can use their own platforms and marketing and PR power to incentivise influencers to work with them.

24:27 A whole new ecosystem will build up around supporting influencers.

27:28 Why Scott and Ste is long on influencer marketing.

29:02 Why personal branding isn’t a dirty term.

Resources/People/Articles mentioned in the podcast

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Scott on Twitter

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