Liam Gallagher, Twitter and the art of persuasion

As you were.

liam gallagher twitter

Liam Gallagher’s Twitter is better than that of any other musician.

Although if you were to casually look at Liam’s Twitter profile and timeline you wouldn’t think it.

To the casual eye his Twitter looks like an after-thought of occasional brain farts to vent about his brother or comment on a footy match.

In fact, a so-called social media expert would tell him that his Twitter bio should have links to his website, he should create more meaningful tweets and that he needs to be more ‘on brand’.

This is nonsense. Liam uses Twitter on a more deep and persuasive level. He knows how to create influence in social media.

He uses persuasion and subliminal messaging techniques which, to most, go undetected.

His tweets consistently create drama for both the press and the fans. They lap it up and it gives Liam with more exposure than he needs.

He hasn’t released any music in years yet Liam’s Twitter antics have allowed him to stay in the press and public eye during this time.

Liam is considered to be one of the greatest frontmen ever. He is also one of the greatest users of Twitter ever too.

Here’s why.

Liam Gallagher’s Twitter has subliminal marketing weaved through it.

For months Liam has been signing off every tweet he makes with “as you were”.

It’s like the tweet is a public service announcement and, once the fans have read it, they can go back to their day ‘as they were’.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from the cock-sure Liam but, actually, there is more at play here. In May of this year, he announced his new solo album would be called, you guessed it, As You Were.

Liam had primed his fans on the album title without their knowledge for months. Subliminally embedding it into their consciousness, getting them ready for the announcement.

This is what Robert Cialdini calls Pre-suasion (Amazon) which is the art of priming someone before you want them to do something.

Run a search on Twitter and you’ll find thousands of fans mimicking Liam’s tweets. All signing off with ‘as you were’ both before and after the album announcement.

This is subliminal marketing at its best.

Liam engages in memetic warfare on Twitter

Speaking of Noel, Liam consistently mocks and antagonises his brother on Twitter.

Liam claims Noel has become fake and forgotten his roots.

It’s done in jest and banter but with the harshness, only two brothers from a Manchester council estate could do it.

Noel doesn’t engage. In fact, unlike Liam with typos, warts and all, Noel’s Twitter account is not run by himself but his management.

Noel’s Twitter is dull which allows Liam full reins ruling the Oasis Twittersphere. His engagement metrics and follower count are through the roof compared to Noel’s.

Liam knows how to create a viral meme. Signing off every tweet with ‘as you were’ is one example but another meme he’s created is based on Noel.

Every now again Liam refers to Noel and when he does he calls him a potato because, Liam says, he looks like one.

If you’re British you’ll understand the humour. If not, trust me, it is funny and it’s this kind of meme that is actually genius in its creation and execution.

It’s what author of Win Bigly (Amazon), Scott Adams, calls a “Linguistic Killshot” which is based on visual persuasion – one of the best kind of persuasion tactics.

The potato meme is used by many Oasis fans and has become a talking point for the media. Whenever Liam’s fans think of Noel they think of a potato too.

They may not have spoken in years but Liam’s memes get through to his brother via the press.

He brings the nostalgia back to the die hard fans of the Oasis heyday

In the 90s Oasis’s feud with rival group Blur was legendary. Oasis were a bunch of working class lads from the north and Blur were middle-class boys from the south. The media lapped up the rivalry.

Those days are long gone but that doesn’t mean Liam can’t reinvigorate the old days to bring a little nostalgia to the fans.

When hearing that Noel had been working with ex-Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, he tweeted:

Some of the Twitter comments responding to Liam say that the 90s were twenty years ago and that he should grow up.

They missed the point.

Liam knew what he was doing. He was giving the original fans what they want. A reminder of the past. A reminder of the 90s, which is arguably one of the greatest decades in recent times.

He pushes his agenda of getting Oasis back together through utilising the band’s fans.

If you’re an Oasis fan you want to see the band get back together. The band split in 2009 but in recent years Liam has been vocal about wanting to regroup too.

It’s Noel who doesn’t want to which places the responsibility on him.

Liam uses Twitter to push this agenda to the fans reminding them who is at fault. Noel doesn’t have to answer to Liam but he’s indebted to the Oasis fans.

Now and again he’ll throw out a classic Oasis lyric for the fans.

Whether by accident or by design Liam Gallagher’s Twitter is a stroke of genius.

It’s influence and persuasion at its finest.

It’s Liam at his finest.

The best frontmen in the world don’t follow anyone. And neither does Liam on Twitter. Not even his own sons.

His Twitter bio doesn’t contain links to his website, new album or any of that promotional stuff every other artist does. It simply says ROCK N ROLL STAR because that’s what he is. Through and through.

Yet, despite all the trolling of his brother.

And despite the potato memes.

And the disparaging comments.

It’s all part of a strategy. He still cares.

As you were.

liam gallagher twitter


He’s still got it.

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Written by Ste Davies

Ste ‘Stephen’ Davies is a digital strategist, consultant and speaker. You can reach him here or follow him on Twitter below.


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  1. What a great piece mate. I’ve long admired Liam for his relentless pursuit of authenticity on Twitter. It’s entertaining and honest. Things that matter so much in the world today.

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