How Gary Vaynerchuk is growing his social media influence and how you can too

The strategy and tactics used by Gary Vaynerchuk to build his personal brand.

gary vaynerchuk social media

Entrepreneur, author and speaker Gary Vaynerchuk is not to everyone’s tastes and he knows it.

He’s loud, hyperactive and is in constant sales mode whenever a camera is pointing towards him.

Whether you like his style or not, you can’t deny how successful he’s been in using social media for his own benefit.

He’s a social media influencer who

When it comes to the benefits of using social media, Vaynerchuk is its biggest advocate both vocally and how he conducts business.

He’s also one of the biggest users of social media too. In fact, according to this article he has a 16 person team working on his own personal social media channels.

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Yes, that’s right, a team of 16 doing his OWN social media.

This is a service Vaynermedia also sell on to other clients. Vaynertalent provides personal social media services to celebrities or wealthy people who want to increase their visibility.

gary vaynerchuk
The VaynerTalent content model.

He’s more prolific in social media than a lot of mid size brands. In fact, he’s more prolific than a lot of global brands.

People often advise finding the platform you’re most suited to and run with that.

If writing’s your thing, start a blog. If video’s your thing, start a vlog. If you love Instagram then work on building your profile.

Not “Gary Vee.”

He is highly active on pretty much every popular social media platform going. He has;

  • A blog
  • A podcast
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

You may be thinking to yourself, “I have most of those too” which I’m not doubting. But I bet you don’t have a full-on content strategy for each like he does.

I bet you don’t have the power of a 16 person content team YouTubing you, Instagram Live-ing you, creating GIFs of you and assembling all other types of content to be shared across social media.

“Content on content creation.”

Vaynerchuk’s strategy with content in general is to create, what he calls, “content on content on content” which is basically taking a “content pillar” piece of content like a video and turning it into shorter videos, image stills, GIFs and writing articles from it.

He explains it in this video.

The video above was made over a year ago and as you know social media continues to evolve. Vaynerchuk’s social media strategy has been updated to include the newly introduced live content.

“Document, don’t create.”

Another strategy Vaynerchuk uses with his approach to social media and what he advises other people do is to, what he calls, documenting not creating.

He believes too many people try to create one piece of killer content that will make them go mainstream. In reality, that’s not going to happen but instead it’s a long process of constant content creation.

He outline documenting versus creating in this blog post.

“In very simple terms, ‘documenting’ versus “creating” is what The Real World and the Kardashians is to Star Wars and Friends. And don’t get confused—just because you’re ‘documenting’ doesn’t mean you’re not creating content. It’s just a version of creating that is predicated more on practicality instead of having to think of stories or fantasy—something that’s very hard for most people (including myself).”

In other words, share your everyday life and people will still find it interesting.

So content and content and document don’t create are Vaynerchuk’s strategic approach to social media, what are his tactics? 

If we break it down by platform.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube

The videos on Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel is what serves as his “content pillars” and are broken up to create content elsewhere.

He has two main YouTube themes. His daily vlog DAILYVEE and a Q&A show called the#ASKGARYVEE show.

DAILYVEE – his daily vlogs

The ‘DAILYVEE’ vlog is a Casy Neistat inspired daily vlog which covers his day to day activities and work life. This ties into his ‘document, don’t create’ ethos of being always on and always producing content.


The #ASKGARYVEE Show is a Q&A show where people call in with questions and he answers them. Sometimes he has a guest on co-answering questions and sometimes he does it on his own.

As well as this, he also posts his conference speeches which he does a lot of throughout the year.

With around 785k subscribers to his channel and around 40-80k viewers per video, he’s not at Neistat levels yet but he’s pushing it hard.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Twitter

Next up is Vaynerchuk’s Twitter page. Here he creates images still with inspiration quotes, publishes snippets of his YouTube videos, creates GIFs and engages with his followers.

See below for how Gary Vaynerchuk uses Twitter.

He posts inspiration type images

He uses native Twitter video

He creates GIFs of himself

And GIFs in general

He frequently @replies his fans (despite a million and a half followers)

He turns audio from podcasts into video snippets to post onto channels that have video and not audio (like Twitter)

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Instagram

Instagram is Vaynerchuk’s favourite platform and he uses content well on his own Instagram page.

He takes advantage of all the Instagram apps and features providing video, imagery, stories, live videos and running competitions.

He knows that Instagram influencer marketing is a hot topic and capitalizes on it.

He uses inspirational images and quotes

View this post on Instagram

Simple late late night thought

A post shared by Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee) on

He repurposes content from Instagram to Twitter like this video

He creates graphic overlay on video to show what it’s about

He does lots of Insta Stories using the ‘swipe up’ option to direct viewers elsewhere

gary vaynerchuk social media

He uses Instagram Live when doing interviews with other influencers

gary vaynerchuk instagram live

Here he is interviewing Ryan Holiday, author of the recently published book, Perennial Seller.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Facebook

Of course Vaunerchuk takes advantage of the biggest social network in the world for his own Facebook page and uses a lot of the Facebook page features.

He creates square video specific for Facebook

He uses Facebook Instant Articles to distribute old blog content

gary vaynerchuk instant articles

He syncs his event calendar with people who want to subscribe

gary vaynerchuk facebook calendar

Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog

Vaynerchuk has a central homepage which acts as the hub to the ‘spokes’ of his presence on other platforms. He has a blog on his website which he keeps updated with fresh blog posts around two to three times a week.

Blogs may be old school social media but they’re still one of the best. Google his name and the first thing that comes up is his website.

The topics are related to business, personal stuff and his views on social media and technology. A post can range from 600 to 3,000 words in length and he sometimes re-publishes them on Medium and LinkedIn. Other times he creates content specifically for LinkedIn and Medium

How Successful People Think

Follow Gary Vaynerchuk to understand how to increase social media influence

No one is bought into social media as much as Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s living proof that if you work hard at it (or “crush it” as he calls it) it can create a ton of opportunities for you.

He’s created a 750 strong agency on the back of social media and he’s all-in on using social media for self-promotion. If you want to understand the strategies, tactics and tricks to increase social media influence, whether you agree with his message or not, then Gary Vee is your man.

Written by Ste Davies

Ste ‘Stephen’ Davies is a freelance digital consultant, traveller, writer, podcaster and speaker based in London, UK. You can reach him here or follow him on Twitter below.

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