Futureproof yourself for the next ten years

The world is changing fast. Futureproof yourself now to stay relevant.

Futureproof yourself now or slide down the road to irrelevancy.

In the next ten years we will see change in the political, technological and cultural fields like never before.

This change is moving at a rapid speed.

Uncertainty is in the air.

Futureproof yourself now and prepare yourself for what’s to come.

It requires constant effort and work.

There is no finish line. There is no completion.

You can’t beat the end point but you can thrive on the way there.

Here’s how to futureproof yourself now.

Understand the current culture and political climate

Culture is changing at a rapid pace and technology is fuelling it. If you use social media you’ll notice that people are forming into like-minded groups to fuel their cause.

Social media is making people feel like they’re a victim. We live in a world now where most people feel they’re a victim of some kind of oppression. People feel that they’re a victim based on either their gender, skin color, socioeconomic status, religion and so forth.

When people believe they’re a victim they’re both scared and angry. Look at how negative some people on social media are. These are often professional people who are generally in the top one percent of the socioeconomic scale in the world. Yet in their eyes they are victims and the world is against them.

Once you understand this you can see it as an opportunity. If most people are taking a victim mentality then they perceive the world as bad and evil. If you have a mindset where you see the world for what it is you can capitalize on this by making bold moves.

There has been a political sea change in the last year. The political spectrum is shifting from left to right. How far that shift goes is yet to be seen but understand that this will cause changes in all kinds of legislation. Watch how this changes things and look for opportunities.

Futureproof your health and body

We live in an image obsessed world. We have for decades but social media has amplified that and it’s making people depressed. Despite this it’s common to judge people on the way they look, at least initially.

If you’re fat and out of shape now you’ll be even more so in the future. If you want to be fit and healthy years from now you’ve got to start working on those healthy habits.

It will be an uphill battle as you push your body to do things it’s never done before. It’ll be tough as you try to shed fat and build muscle.

It may take years. It will take lots of sacrifice but it will shape you, add years to your life and improve your social status ranking.

If you’re already in shape then it will be easier. You can go into maintenance mode and coast. Don’t relax too much. Time waits for no one and the body needs pushing constantly to even remain the same.

Whiten your teeth. Get them fixed if you need to. No one likes bad teeth and some people are unfortunate to be born with them. Pick a set of clothes that work for you and stick with them. Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day.

If you’re fat and ugly today you will be even more so in the future. Time is cruel.

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Embrace technology

Some say we’re in the era of the fourth industrial revolution where industries of all kind are being disrupted by technology. This is true to an extent but it will be a long and drawn-out disruption that in most cases will take decades.

AI, VR, AR, Blockchain and 3D printing are all up and coming technologies that could change the way we live and work. For now they’re a projection and not useful to the average man on the street.

That could change and other technologies are very much a part of our lives now. The more technically adept you become the more skills you’ll have to make money.

If you’re not technology-literate now you better be for the future. Technology is creating opportunities for people who don’t have decades of experience but have the skills to code, produce a video or interpret data.

Futureproof yourself in social media

The last three US presidential elections pundits have predicted social media would be the main platform where the election was won or lost.

Mainstream media was beginning to lose its grip with drops in readership and viewership. Voters would be persuaded who to vote for based on their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

This didn’t come true until the Trump’s 2016 win which was fought out in social media in the most brutal fashion.

Despite the vast majority of mainstream media being anti-Trump and his contrarian view on how to use social media he still won.

This was a tipping point moment and illustrated that social media is now the dominant platform.

Things will never be the same again. While the traditional media will still be influential it will have to complete with the billions of individuals all with the capability to publish to a world wide audience.

Social media for the most part is good. But it has created groups of people who feel they are victims (see above) and is dividing people. How this pans out in the future is yet to be seen but you have to be a part of it.

You have to build your own influence on social media. Learn WordPress and start writing a blog. Learn how to write in a conversational tone and have something to say.

Video is becoming huge. Mark Zuckerberg envisages Facebook being all video in a few years. YouTube is growing phenomenally and so are some YouTubers. Learn the technicalities of video production. Work on your own presentation and speaking skills.

You don’t have to be on all platforms. Pick the one(s) that suit you most. If you’re a great writer then blogging’s for you. Good at design and photography use Instagram. If video is your thing it’s YouTube is your choice.

Futureproof your skills and knowledge

Information is abundant. You can learn about any topic thanks to the internet. The wealth of information we have at our fingertips is phenomenal.

You can order a book online and read it in seconds. Watch millions of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube. Get advice from people much smarter than yourself from anywhere in the world. Study an online course with a prestigious university for free.

The more knowledge and understanding you have the more you can make sense of the world. The more information you can piece and tie it with your own experiences the greater view of the world you will have.

Don’t confuse knowledge with wisdom. Knowledge is formed through education and wisdom is formed through experience. Both are equally important but are gained through different means.

Keep your brain ticking by learning new information and skills.

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Futureproof your mindset

Change your *mindset and you change your whole reality. It is the most powerful weapon in your armour. It can flip a negative situation into a positive. Turn fear into courage. Help you understand why people act that is counterintuitive to what they say.

Having a strong and healthy body full of vitality is important but it is of no use if the mind is wrong. If the mindset is toxic then everything else will fail.

Working on a positive mindset takes continuous hard work. It requires you to dive deep into your own mind, working through any negative thoughts and why you have them.

It’s about laying a foundation of your own beliefs and interpretation of the world. It’s understanding that there’s no completion in life, nothing stands still and things aren’t over until they are.

Spiritual growth is always painful but over time you’ll develop into a new person.You’ll begin to notice it as you react different to certain cues.

Things that used to bother you won’t. You’ll have a clarity of thought you’ve never had before. You’ll look at photographs of yourself and see a different look in your eyes.

Get your mindset right and it will send you to places you never thought you’d go to.

* Each time I talk about mindset I have to mention Mike Cernovich. He’s the original and best when it comes to mindset principles and is the reason why I began studying it. Continuous kudos to him.


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