Facebook cryptocurrency: Everything you need to know

Facebook has been reportedly launching its own cryptocurrency for the last couple of years. During this time it has made a series of external hires, created an internal crypto team, registered a crypto company and founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has hinted at payments being a priority for the company.

In this podcast we delve into what cryptocurrency is, the types of cryptocurrencies there are and everything we know about the Facebook cryptocurrency. Full disclosure, this is not investment advice.

Show highlights

1:10 Ste gives some background on how he fell down the crypto rabbit hole.

2:40 What are cryptocurrencies exactly?

4:18 Storing cryptocurrencies.

5:47 Bitcoin. The first and most famous cryptocurrency.

9:44 Altcoins. What they are and what they’re for.

10:54 Facebook’s cryptocurrency timeline.

12:26 What we know about the Facebook cryptocurrency.

14:17 How will Facebook’s cryptocurrency be used?

18:09 What does this mean for other cryptocurrencies?

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