Browsing the web with privacy with Des Martin from Brave

des martin

Des Martin is Head of Marketing & Growth at Brave. Prior to joining Brave Des lead marketing teams at Qualtrics, nearFrom and Perkbox. His north star is to do interesting things with interesting people. He is passionate about building a better web with new business models for content creators.

Show highlights

1:48 Des introduces himself and the Brave browser.

10:59 Do consumers understand how much surveillance capitalism is tracking them and what is driving adoption?

14:43 User growth and migrating from Google Chrome.

17:59 Engaging with the Brave community on social media.

19:51 The Basic Attention Token and privacy-respecting adverts.

27:25 The two books Des recommends everyone should read.

Resources/people/articles mentioned in the podcast

Brave browser –

Des on Twitter – @dessie_martin

Des on LinkedIn –

Ste’s deep dive into his online privacy –

Brave founder Brendan Eich – @BrendanEich

Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World – Amazon

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