Seven health benefits of drinking coffee, the brown liquid gold

Why I drink coffee other than for the pick-me-up.


Alongside water and tea, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. And according to recent data the world is consuming more of it.

I drink coffee daily. A lot of it. Four cups at least. I can’t remember the last time I went a day without a cup of coffee.

It’s an addiction for sure, but one that doesn’t bother me.

When I travelled around South America I visted a number of local coffee plantations to see how it is produced from planting to roasting.

It’s safe to say I’m a big fan of coffee.

Research has shown that coffee is good for both your short-term fitness and long-term health.

Coffee is part of my health protocol and when I’m working on my computer it helps me get things done.

If you’re a fan of coffee as I am, feel free to continue drinking it knowing that it’s doing you good.

Just remember to use real coffee (preferably ground your own beans), with as little milk or cream as possible and remove the sugar. An Americano is a great way to consume coffee for all the benefits.

Note: some of the research relates to caffeine and not coffee per se, so for this post assume that we are discussing caffeinated coffee and not the decaf variety.

1. Coffee improves weightlifting performance

If you’re looking for an extra boost in the gym or on the track then coffee could be the answer. Research has shown that caffeine increases muscle endurance and strength. For people who find their training more difficult on a morning than an afternoon caffeine can help.

2. It maintains performance over consecutive days of exercise

Researchers from the Department of Physical Performance at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences found that caffeine assisted eight elite skiers in maintaining performance quality in consecutive days of competing compared to a placebo group. The caffeine-fueled athletes performed 4 percent better the first day and 5 percent the second. They also reported more muscle soreness assumed because they had been able to work harder.

3. It helps you burn fat

Studies have shown that caffeine can boost your metabolic rate from anywhere between 3 to 11 percent. Is it any wonder that caffeine is found in pretty much every fat burning supplement on the market?

4. It may help with muscle preservation

In an animal study, scientists at Coventry University in the U.K. found that caffeine helped offset the loss of muscle strength that occurs with aging suggesting the stimulant could aid elderly people to maintain their strength, reducing the incidence of age-related falls and injuries.

5. It may lower the risk of type II diabetes

In a number of different observational studies researchers have found that drinking coffee is associated with a lowered risk of Type II Diabetes. One of the studies recommends drinking at least three cups of coffee or tea per day may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. It may lower the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Research has shown that coffee drinking may help reduce cognitive decline in both men and women particularly degenerative brain disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee found drinking three to five cups a day may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by up to 20 percent. Other studies have shown that caffeine may lower the risk of Parkinson’s by up to 60 percent.

7. It may reduce melanoma risk

A 10 year study among almost 450,000 non-hispanic white people published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that the coffee drinkers among the group were around 20 percent less likely to develop melanoma than those that didn’t drink coffee.

So pour yourself a cup of the healthy stuff.

Written by Ste Davies

Ste ‘Stephen’ Davies is a freelance digital consultant, traveller, writer, podcaster and speaker based in London, UK. You can reach him here or follow him on Twitter below.


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  1. I always drink coffee in the morning so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about how it can boost your metabolism too. I’ll definitely continue to drink this so I can burn more fat throughout the day.

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