To learn how your data could be used to control you, look at China

Every single day you give away hundreds of data points to giant multibillion dollar companies but in the worst possible scenario imaginable how could all this data be used against you?

British YouTuber Thoughty2 is on the ball in his latest video when he covers how our personal data is being harvested and used against us and why we need to take control of our digital sovereignty.

He uses China as an example and it’s so called Social Credit System where all of China’s one-point-odd billion citizens are given a ‘social credit score.’

To increase their social credit score Chinese citizens have to do good deeds like report crimes, give blood and carry out “heroic acts.”

Committing crimes, being loud in public, dropping litter and jaywalking will have your credit score decreased.

It’s still early days for the Chinese social credit score but the CCP has plans to roll out a more advanced automated version using AI and facial recognition that monitor citizens 24/7 online and off.

Associating with people with a lower social credit score than you will decrease your own score so don’t talk to the plebs.

Thoughty2 spells out this dystopian future to his 2.6 million YouTube subscribers in ways that even Orwell couldn’t have imagined.

A digital surveillance state is much easier for a communist dictatorship like China to implement but even democratic countries have to stay vigilant.

And if you think it won’t happen in this part of the world you’ve got your head stuck in the sand.

  • London Kings Cross used facial recognition technology for two years without informing the public. 
  • Download Festival in the Midlands used it to to scan 90,000 festival goers
  • Amazon’s Ring doorbell claims they don’t use facial recognition despite having a Head of Facial Recognition Research. 
  • Biometrics like finger print and facial recognition data has been breached by private companies

More surveillance technology and personal data do not increase people’s freedom and liberty.

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