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The Business of Influence with Adam Parker of Lissted

Adam Parker is the founder of Lissted an online influence tool that takes a radical superhuman approach to social listening and influencer discovery. It uses real-world authority and Twitter data to identify and predict who matters, and the conversations that matter.

Adam is a chartered accountant and started his career with PwC spending over nine years in its audit, corporate finance and consultancy practices. He’s spent the last ten years working in various roles in relation to the online media, public relations and social media data analytics.

0:00 Stephen introduces the podcast

1:23 Adam introduces himself and the background to Lissted

2:23 Adam explains how Lissted works including the data science behind the tool

7:51 The definition of influence as it relates to the online world

11:07 Political influence on Twitter during Brexit and the US presidential elections

12:45 The traditional media’s use of Twitter to find stories and how Trump used Twitter on the run up to the elections

18:40 Fake news

20:10 After the 2008 and 2012 elections, was 2016 finally the year where social media surpassed the mainstream media?

24:28 Has social media changed the influence of the traditional media

31:30 The Guardian pulls out of Facebook Articles and Apple News

32:15 How does an individual start from scratch in social media and create influence?

36:35 Stephen thanks Adam

Written by Ste Davies

Ste ‘Stephen’ Davies is a freelance digital consultant, traveller, writer, podcaster and speaker based in London, UK. You can reach him here or follow him on Twitter below.

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