Why you need to ditch Google Chrome and use the Brave browser

Your browsing data is valuable and that’s why you need to take control of it.

In this podcast we discuss the Brave browser – a privacy browser that’s been developed to prevent you from being tracked across the web.

The humble web browser is perhaps one of the most important software creations to date. It turned the internet into a consumer-friendly medium spawning the creation of the various online services we use today.

It is one of the few online tools most of us use multiple times a day. Yet, many people still don’t give much thought to the browser they use. In their eyes, all browsers are the same which in reality is far from the truth.

While Google Chrome is a good browser, it is laced with tracking software that makes it more like spyware than a helpful browser. Using it, you subject yourself to thousands of data trackers every single day.

Your data is valuable and that’s why consumers need reclaim the web back from corporate surveillance. A good place to start is by taking back control of your browsing data. Brave will help you do that.

Show highlights

2:02 Why you need to get rid of Google Chrome

3:30 Why you need to use a privacy browser?

4:48 Why I recommend most people should switch to Brave

5:56 The privacy benefits of using the Brave browser

8:31 Brave’s usability alongside Chrome

10:05 How Brave is looking to reinvent the broken online ad model

13:49 Final thoughts on using the Brave browser

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