Why you need a blog to build a long term online brand

Seven reasons why you need to build your online brand using a blog.

Looking to build an online brand for the long term? Want to develop a platform that will increase in brand (and monetary) value over time? Don’t want to be at the whims of an algorithm change? Then you need a blog.

“Aren’t blogs outdated?” some might say and they’d be wrong. Blogs have been around for over twenty years and as the software continues to develop they’ve gone from being an online diary used by tech geeks to becoming media publishing machines.

If you’re serious about building an online brand for the next ten years at least then you need a blog. In this podcast, I tell you why you’re wasting time on social media and the seven reasons why you need to build your blog brand.

Show highlights

1:13 Long-term. Why you have to think of the long-term.

3:12 Ownership. You need to own as much as your online platform as possible.

4:50 Build your empire. You can have your own mini media empire.

6:53 Perennial content. Create content that will serve you for months and even years.

11:07 Sell yourself. A blog is the best platform to sell your expertise and services.

12:20 Develop relationships. Build a platform to lead with value and bring other people up first.

14:30 Create a sellable asset. If you own it you can sell it.

Resources/people/articles mentioned in the podcast

Social media algorithms

Ryan Holiday’s Perennial Seller

Naval Ravikant’s tweet storm

Empire Flippers

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