Bitcoin: A Swiss bank for everyone’s pocket

Here’s another great talk by cryptocurrency advocate and thought leader, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, who’s one of the most articulate and insightful thinkers in the space.

A prolific speaker and writer, even if you’ve only dabbled in crypto for a short while you’ve likely come across one of his books, talks or podcasts.

His vision for crypto is clear and one full of great change and disruption. In this talk, he discusses how Bitcoin will give individuals full sovereignty of their money by allowing them to be their own bank.

“Crypto is not like having a Swiss bank account in your pocket – crypto is like having a Swiss bank in your pocket”

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

“In 2016, president Barack Obama, while discussing cryptocurrencies, said something amazing. He said, ‘It would be as if everybody has a Swiss bank account in their pocket’ and little did he know that would be a fantastic advertisement for cryptocurrency.

“Of course, Barack Obama is wrong. Crypto is not like having a Swiss bank account in your pocket – crypto is like having a Swiss bank in your pocket and you are the CEO. Because on your wallet you can create a million addresses and accounts on your little phone and you can institute international wire transfers.”

It reminds me of the early days of social media when people in marketing circles would talk about how any brand or individual could “be their own media company.”

Today we take it for granted but at the time it was following on from a ‘top down’ mass media model where the message was largely driven by institutional media companies and organisations.

Little did we see the disruptive change social media would bring to culture, politics and everything in between at the time. When it comes to crypto, the stakes are higher and if you can disrupt the definition of money it’s the greatest disruption of them all.

Watch the video above and while you’re here I recommend reading his excellent book on The Internet of Money.

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