How to be more interesting

Have interesting stories to tell 

To be interesting starts with living an interesting life. By living an interesting life you develop stories and anecdotes of your journeys and travels.

As humans we resonate with and remember interesting stories better than facts. Interesting stories come from living a rich and abundant life.

Travel and explore

As I write this article I’m sitting in a hostel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Yesterday I fed and bathed elephants at a sanctuary up in the mountains. The day before I zip lined through the Thai jungle. Tomorrow I’ll be biking down a mountain.

Earth is a big and wondrous planet, rich in nature and wildlife. This is your earth. See as much of it as you can before your spirit leaves it.

Travel as much as you can. Learn about other countries and cultures. Learn the basics of a couple of languages. Taste the cuisines. Read up on history. Visit the tourist hotspots and get off the beaten track too.

Do anything you can to learn about the world in which you live. Don’t get it all from a book. Do it first hand and travel.

Experience the human condition in all its forms 

The human condition is what differences us from every other species on the planet. We have the capacity to feel a raft of emotions like love, hate, guilt, shame, empathy and joy. To think deeply, think critically and, sometimes, think too much. The human condition allows us to ponder our own existence and realise how fleeting life is.

To experience the human condition you must be willing to embrace life in all its forms. Life is ebb and flow, peak and trough, good and bad. You mustn’t shy away from any of it. Make yourself vulnerable, impose your will, take calculated risks, realise every emotion is transitory and know that everything for you will ultimately end.

“If we are to understand the human condition, and if we are to accept ourselves in all the complexity, self-doubt, extravagance of feeling, guilt, joy, the slow freeing of the self to its full capacity for action and creation, both as human being and as artist, we have to know all we can about each other, and we have to be willing to go naked.” May Sarton

Always have something going on

Have you ever met a friend you haven’t seen for a while and it’s like they’ve been stuck in a time warp? They’ve aged sure but their life has stood still for them. They work the same job, hang around with the same people and do the same things each evening.

Doing the same things day in day out does not make you interesting. It makes you predictable. You don’t grow as a human. You become stale. Your life is boring. People will find you boring.

Instead you should always have something going on. You should always be working on something. A side project, hobby, new business, fitness, whatever. Life is fluid. You should be growing by always having something new going on.

Develop charisma

Charisma is not about how you feel when talking to someone. It’s about how you make the other person feel. Learn how to make someone feel good after a conversation with you and not only will they think they’re good they’ll believe you are too.

You’re not born with charisma, it’s developed. According to Olivia Fox Cabane charisma can be learned by anyone. She says it’s about having presence, power and warmth.

It’s also about being a good listener. Let people talk about themselves and encourage the flow of it.

Charisma’s about being comfortable with who you are and making others feel the way about themselves too. Crack that and you’ll always be interesting to anyone you talk to.

Always be learning

Keep up to date with news and events. Understand what the current trends are. Understand today’s culture. Read a lot of books. Self-educate. Embrace technology. Ask questions. Search for meanings. Do anything you can to continue learning. It will give you a deep knowledge of the world and provide you with talking points for many interesting conversations.

Being interesting requires work but is in your control. Finding interesting people to have conversations is more difficult.

Most people operate on a surface level. You can’t bring up important and pressing issues with them as they can’t relate to that deep level. They’d rather party or talk about football.

That’s why the internet has been a boon for people to connect with other interesting people. Their content sucks you in and takes you on a journey of discovery. Interested people seek interesting people.

It’s a key reason why I started this blog.


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