The decentralization of attention with Aron Levin of Relatable

“Distribution power is more important than building a brand.”

aron levin

With a passion for technology, marketing and sales, Aron Levin co-founded the leading global influencer marketing agency Relatable in 2015. As Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Relatable, Aron is leading Relatable’s rapid expansion across its offices in Stockholm, London, New York and Los Angeles.

Working with clients like Heineken, Google, Chiquita and Ralph Lauren, Relatable is rapidly changing the modern digital media landscape for Fortune 500 consumer brands, brave startups and the 10 million creators in their network. Aron is also known for his background at King Digital Entertainment (Maker of Candy Crush and 100+ other games) where he led Advertising Operations and in his role as Director Growth at music-streaming service Spotify.

Aron is also the author of The Influencer Marketing Handbook and The 2019 Content Marketing Calendar. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two kids.

Show highlights

2:30 Aron introduces himself, his background and the co-founding of Relatable.

3:50 The decentralization of attention and the fragmentation of the media.

6:58 The founding of Relatable in Sweden and influencer marketing in the US.

10:55 Lessons from Coachella. How social media is changing popular culture.

15:50 The democratization of celebrity.

19:37 Are influencer marketing platforms disrupting the traditional agency model?

21:05 Aron’s thoughts on Spotify moving into podcasting and the podcasting industry in general.

25:56 Instagram testing hiding likes and why this is the evolution of the platform.

32:12 Instagram inviting influencers to test creator app.

33:59 Aron’s thoughts on the current state of IGTV.

36:48 The biggest pain points for brands getting into influencer marketing.

39:50 Where Aron sees the influencer marketing industry heading in the next twelve months and the next five years.

44:35 Why distribution power is more important than building a brand.

51:43 The one book (or three books) Aron recommends everyone should read.

Resources/people/articles mentioned in the podcast


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Instagram is testing hiding likes

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The New York Times internal memo about BuzzFeed

Black Swan by Nicholas Taleb

The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Deep Work by Cal Newport

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