How creators monetize with Andrew Kamphey of Influence Weekly

“Influencer marketing will be triple what it is now in five years.”

andrew kamphey

Andrew Kamphey curates insightful articles each week as the editor of Influence Weekly. He has lately turned his editorial lens to encompass all of the creator economy. Creating lists and charts that explore different aspects of influencer marketing.

Andrew has been working as a content creator for ten years, five of which spent on cruise ships as a videographer as well as working in the LA Film and TV industries. Andrew is currently traveling Southeast Asia.

Show highlights

1:35 Andrew introduces himself, Influence Weekly and how he got started.

5:22 The different ways creators can create money online.

11:15 How Instagram photographers monetize.

13:38 The platforms that are the most lucrative for creators.

15:38 How many content creators are making a full-time living.

18:56 The projected financial growth of influencer marketing.

21:51 Andrew’s advice on anyone starting out and looking to monetize.

23:25 Are we in the golden age of influencer earnings?

27:14 Where Andrew sees influencer marketing heading in the next 12 months and the next five years.

30:25 The one book Andrew recommends everyone should read.

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Influence Weekly

Influence Directory


Lost LeBlanc


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