We’re always focussed on the future

At nursery school we’re being prepared for primary school.

At primary school we’re being prepared for secondary school.

At secondary we’re being prepared for college.

At college we’re being prepared for university.

At university we’re being prepared to get on the career ladder.

On the career ladder we’re focussed on being promoted.

When we’re earning enough we’re focussed on getting a 25 year mortgage.

When we’ve got the mortgage we’re focussed on getting married.

When we’re married we’re focussed on having kids.

Once the kids come we’re focussed on getting them ready for school, college, university and their career.

When they’re married we’re hoping they bring grandkids.

When the grandkids come along we’re focussed on helping our kids become good parents.

When the grandkids have grown we’re focussed on a short deterioration to death.

For most people, life is about focussing and working towards the future.

What they fail to remember is that it moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

Life is not a series of check boxes. The future comes soon enough.


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