Instagram influencer marketing with Adam Williams, CEO of Takumi

“When we work with influencers we see them as the creative directors.”

Adam (Sven) has over 18 years of media experience with seven of those at Spotify where he was the 4th person in the UK to join. The last three and a half years at Spotify Adam was the managing director for the UK, Ireland and Benelux.

He decided to leap into the rapidly growing influencer marketing space and that is where he joined Takumi as Chief Revenue Officer at the start of 2018. Sven’s main focus is to drive Takumi’s revenue strategy across all markets (UK, Germany, US) and to find new revenue streams to keep Takumi as the market leading Instagram influencer platform.

Show highlights

1:46 Adam introduces himself, Takumi and his role there.

3:21 Moving from the music industry to the influencer industry.

5:55 Why Takumi is focussed specifically on Instagram over other social channels.

6:57 Instagram vs YouTube. Why influencer marketing is flourishing on the Instagram platform.

9:31 Will Instagram’s new in-app shopping feature be big for e-commerce?

11:40 Big ticket or small ticket items. Which sells best on Instagram?

15:00 What makes a good Instagram influencer?

17:24 Will Instagram (Facebook Inc.) throttle the organic reach on the platform like what happened with Facebook business pages?

20:38 Will IGTV become a success in the long term?

22:40 Instagram influencer fraud. Are we over the worst of it?

26:18 Where Adam thinks the future of influencer marketing is headed in the next 12 months and next five years.

29:10 The one book Adam recommends everyone should read.

Resources/People/Articles mentioned in the podcast


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