Betting big on influencer marketing with Kamiu Lee

New research by ACTIVATE highlights key trends in influencer marketing.

This week’s podcast is on the new ACTIVATE research where the influencer marketing platform interviewed more than 110 marketing professionals focused on the influencer marketing space to “gauge their views on the most topical discussions in the world of influencer marketing today including fraud, unconventional influencers, and sponsorship saturation.”

The report is called Double or Nothing. Betting Big on Influencer Marketing and I speak with ACTIVATE CEO, Kamiu Lee, about the research findings.

In this podcast we cover a lot of ground so you’re not going to want to miss it.

We cover everything from the KPIs brands are prioritizing when working with influencers, the number of influencers brands are typically working with, how they’re re-leveraging influencer content on their own channels and in paid social and much more.

Show highlights

2:57 Kamiu introduces the report.

5:09 The most important KPIs brands use when measuring influencer marketing success.

9:11 Why brands are working with a greater number of influencers per campaign.

11:26 Are brands focusing on working with micro-influencers at scale over working with mid-tier and macro-influencers?

13:45 Brands preferring to work with nano-influencers and influencer duos over CGI and pet influencers.

16:37 Beyond the sponsored post. The ways in which brands are working with influencers.

18:57 Influencers are becoming ‘micro-studios.’

19:55 Why influencers say no to brand partnerships.

24:42 When influencers promote products unrelated to their audience.

26:45 Brands are taking fraud more seriously this year compared to last.

33:27 Brands are leveraging influencer content by repurposing it organically and using paid social.

41:35 Will influencers have to build their own ‘tech stack’ to accommodate the greater complexity of working with brands?

43:08 Marketing spend on brand activation. Benefits of paid vs non paid.

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Double or Nothing. Betting Big on Influencer Marketing


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