Welcome to my site. Here you’ll find a mixture of everything I’m interested in, from health, travel, marketing, bitcoin, books, mindset and anything else I want to pontificate on.

You’ll also find me having podcast conversations with smart people on all of the above and more.

I was born and raised in the north east of England but after university spent the last 14 years living and working in London.

I’ve been a freelance digital and social strategist for most of that time and have been lucky enough to see a lot of the world because of my job.

cotopaxi ecuador
Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Speaking of travel, I’m a big proponent of it and so far have visited around 45 countries on four continents.

It’s a cliche to say but I believe travelling is part of what makes a well-lived life.

Travel is our (we humans) natural default state and that’s my excuse to do it as much and as often as possible.

Being in good physical and mental health is important to me also. The human body and brain are amazing pieces of machinery and we only get one of each in life. 

 I’m interested in fitness, longevity and extending health-span coupled with neuroscience and psychology. Nutrition, fasting, supplementation, movement, mindset, philosophy and all that good stuff. 

Not to say I’m particularly knowledgable on any any of them – I’m just interested in them!


In early 2018 I got into bitcoin which opened up a whole new can of worms for me.

Bitcoin is the most intellectually challenging and stimulating ‘thing’ I’ve come across.

“What is bitcoin?” is a philosophical question more than anything else.

It makes you question your entire notion of what money is and sends you down a rabbit hole of saving and investing which is where I am today – learning how to invest in fast growth companies and crypto assets.

I’m not a bitcoin maximalist by any stretch but it’s my view that bitcoin (or something like it) will change our entire concept of money and become the global reserve currency. Time will tell.

ste davies
Top of the Grand Canyon

Looking to work with me?

First, well done for getting this far down the page. 

Second, if you’re looking to work with me I’m available to provide strategic consultancy on an ad-hoc or retained basis in the following areas.

Digital strategy