Stephen ‘Ste’ Davies is a digital communications consultant of 12 years based out of London, UK.

During this time he has advised some of the world’s biggest brands on digital strategy, spoke at events around the world, lead teams and generally rode the wave of the digital tsunami.

I’ll switch to the first person now.

This is my website on PR, digital marketing, social media and growth hacking with a bit of personal development thrown in for good measure.

Combined I like to call it Digital Influence.

Influence is a part of everything that we do. If you’re communicating without influence you’ve failed.

You need influence for everything important in life. To sell, to get a message out, to educate others, to be better in relationships and to make an impact on the world in your own way.

Having the capacity to influence others – be it family, friends, acquaintances, strangers or enemies – can help you, others and the world around you.

Influence is everything.

And that’s why I’m fascinated with this new kind of influence. The one that we can all have a piece of. Digital Influence.

I also write about other things too.

Namely health and general life stuff.

Health and living a good life is important to me because ultimately that’s all that counts.

I also do consulting and training if you’re interested.