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Ste ‘Stephen’ Davies is an online brand strategist, writer and podcast host based in London, UK.

I’ll talk in the first person now.

I apply my 15 years working in the fields of PR, marketing, social media and SEO to what I call The New Influence and why in today’s complex world stand-alone marketing communications do not apply.

I have worked in digital before it was cool. In fact, I worked in it before the terms ‘social media’ or ‘influencer marketing’ were even a thing.

Over my career, I set up one of the first social media agencies, built and sold an influencer tool, held senior positions for both agency and in-house, trained hundreds of business executives and have been lucky to speak in 15 countries across three continents.

Today, I’m fascinated by and focussed on how individuals, organizations and brands can remain relevant and top of mind in an era of where trust is low and power structures are changing.

You can contact me here.