ste davies

Welcome to my site!

Stephen ‘Ste’ Davies is a digital marketing consultant and writer based out of London, UK.

This is my blog on health, knowledge and timeless wisdom.

This is the type of stuff I’m into. You won’t find gossip or the new shiny object here.

Instead, you’ll find information on exercise, nutrition, longevity, social psychology, philosophy, money, marketing and general life stuff. I don’t claim to be an expert in any. A jack of all trades and keen learner, maybe.

The key focus of this site includes:

Health optimisation

Good health is not just about how quick you can run or how much you can lift. Instead, it’s about longevity, feeding the body with nutritious food, mitigating stress and, yes, pushing your body hard for it to come back stronger.

Knowledge acquisition

Education is a life-long pursuit and self-education is a moral responsibility. The world’s information is at your fingertips. You should use it and apply it.

Wisdom application

Wisdom is developed through life experiences. Strong opinions are loosely held.

I’m passionate about life in all its forms. I don’t mind pondering the unanswerable questions of why are we here and what does it all mean. I believe fun and laughing are far too important not to take seriously.