50 ways to add dimension to your character

  1. Have your heart broken
  2. Travel the world
  3. Study philosophy
  4. Become an expert in something
  5. Move somewhere you don’t know anyone
  6. Lose somebody close to you
  7. Love someone more than you love yourself
  8. Learn how to defend yourself in a fight
  9. Spend time alone with just your thoughts
  10. Lose a body part
  11. Date someone from a different culture/country to you
  12. Make a lot of money
  13. Lose a lot of money
  14. Go to war
  15. Have someone cheat on you
  16. Survive a horrific accident
  17. Learn a musical instrument
  18. Believe that pain equals growth
  19. Conquer a fear
  20. Don’t watch mainstream TV or films
  21. Lose your parents
  22. Write
  23. Try ayahuasca
  24. Get caught breaking the law
  25. Own a dog
  26. Be virtuous when no one is looking
  27. Wake up early and practice good habits
  28. Develop good listening skills
  29. Develop your spiritual side
  30. Raise children well
  31. Own up to your mistake even when you can get away with it
  32. Speak your truth
  33. Don’t conform even when it’s the easy option
  34. Absorb opposing views to your own
  35. Study and appreciate nature
  36. Work in a team
  37. Work on your own
  38. Make friends with people outside your demographic
  39. Dedicate your time and skills to a cause
  40. Be present in the moment
  41. See both the beauty and ugly in the world
  42. Ponder the difficult questions of life and why we’re here
  43. Embrace the suck
  44. Accept that your death is getting closer
  45. Forgive someone who has shat on you
  46. Learn a foreign language
  47. Push your body to its physical limits
  48. Embrace but question every negative emotion
  49. Become a conversationalist
  50. Breathe properly


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